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Recovery Cream

Posted by Simon Jackson on
Recovery Cream

Dr. Simon Jackson Talks Recovery Cream

The Christmas and New Year rush left us with little time to write in the journal about what seems to be the latest love of our tribe members lives - our new Recovery Cream. Just like our other hero products, Modern Botany Recovery Cream is a multi-purpose saviour to heal dry skin as well as being an antidote for life’s knocks and scrapes which our skin takes the impact of. We also think that the name perfectly captures just what we all need right now - some time to recover from all the world has thrown at us which our skin has also been paying for. 

But who better to tell us all about Recovery Cream than the man who formulated it, Dr. Simon Jackson. We’ve asked him to answer the most asked questions from you about Recovery Cream and why you need this superhero in your skin health corner;  

what inspired recovery cream?

There’s a long story behind this one but I’ll shorten it to say that my Scottish Granny was the inspiration. I remember growing up that she always swore by an old traditional Scottish skin emulsion, a bit like when the Dad used Windolene in the movie, My Big Fat Greek Wedding movie, she used it for everything! I still remember the smell, it was a creamy paste and the main active ingredient was lanolin which is a great emollient and moisturiser. Thinking about how life has changed and how our regimes have evolved over recent years, I wanted to create a multi-tasking preparation with the same microbiome active ingredients as the deodorant and the same aroma so it can be used in conjunction to manage your microbiome. It also has to be thick enough and luxurious enough to moisturise the driest of skin on all parts of the body as well as having the right actives in it to heal like Arnica for bruising, calendula for anti-redness and Chamomile which is soothing and anti-inflammatory. 

Which brings us to “microbiome” - what is it and why do we need to know about it?

Our skin hosts an elaborate and complex microbial ecosystem, such as bacteria, fungi, and viruses. This is a very intricate area, but in a nutshell it's an important physical layer that protects your skin, which is your body’s barrier from external negative environmental pollutants and stresses. The microbiome is like an army that defends your body against infections, viruses and bad bacteria and supports wound-healing and inflammation control. That is why when I create products, I always select plant actives that maintain and support the skin's microbiome. 

What makes Recovery Cream different?

I formulated this creating a lanolin-like consistency but without the actual lanolin which is not vegan. After many months of reformulating I managed to create what I feel is the perfect consistency that is the right luxurious thickness but very absorbent on the skin and fully vegan. 

For me, it’s my hero product, it’s a must have for everyone. You can use it on your lips, on your face, on your hands, on your feet, anywhere on your body. As a versatile product I would use this all day. In the morning I use the oil on my face and apply the cream to any dry patches on my face or body and it’s always on my desk for my hands whenever I need it also. It can also be used with the oil for an all over the body treat after a shower or bath.  

What makes Recovery Cream different?

Who isn’t it for would be an easier answer because it really is a daily-use essential product for everyone. Ultimately it’s a deep moisturiser that absorbs easily and is non-greasy, something we all need! Of course it is particularly great to anyone with dry skin as the selected plant extracts in the formulation are super for skin healing and maintaining hydration (think dermatitis). It’s designed for sensitive skin and also pregnancy safe - our most organic product to date with 14 organic ingredients including serrated wrack, foraged and sourced locally here in West Cork by John Murray. 

We love hearing how you use your Recovery Cream and adore getting your testimonials. If you have a couple of minutes to spare please do drop us a line to let us know how it is benefitting you. Below are just a couple of recent testimonials that made our day: 

‘’It’s a gorgeous cream. It absorbs effortlessly and makes my skin glow. I use the cleansing balm and oil also.’’

‘’The cleansing balm is silky smooth and cleans without drying your skin. I love it.’’

‘’I absolutely LOVE the recovery cream. I don’t think I ever will use any other.’’

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