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Modern Botany Deodorant

Posted by John Murray on
Modern Botany Deodorant


Laying down foundations for our long-term sustainable future

We want to say to all of you who love and incorporate our Deodorant into your daily living that we really appreciate this!

Thank you for being such a loyal customer of our 100% natural Modern Botany Deodorant.

We know that you will be disappointed to hear that from today we will be temporarily out of stock on all our Modern Botany Deodorant lines for a short time.

Over the past few years, we have listened attentively to our customers on what they liked and what they thought needed improving about this product. In essence, everyone loves our Deo, and your testimonies speak for themselves.

However, there was some customer feedback concerning better value for money and improving our packaging to be more sustainable, and as an eco-company these were matters, we could not ignore.

You spoke and we have listened. We could not agree with you more and we are going to do something about it!
So, we will remodify our Deo packaging sizes to ensure better value for money which will decrease our production of primary and secondary packaging. We will also introduce a more sustainable bottle and pump that has great eco credentials.

We started the Deodorant Refill family pack as a trial one year ago to understand if our customers would like this option. Since then, we have learnt that you clearly do, and we have now decided to run this product permanently. To do so, we need a little time to add this and our new bathroom size to our production schedule, while we also revise the pack and its contents based on customer feedback.

Again, please accept our apologies for this short-term inconvenience, but we are working to make all our products refillable, and this will have a greater positive impact on you as our valued customer and the planet in the long-term

In the meantime, you can request an email notification on the shop on our website and you will then be alerted when your new improved size daily Deo and Deo Refill pack is ready. 

Thank you again for your patience and understanding! 

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