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Deodorant Refill

Posted by Tracey Woodward on
Deodorant Refill

Refill, Reuse, Recycle

Integrity is central to what we do at Modern Botany. That means taking our time, using only the necessary, responsibly sourced ingredients, and sharing them with you in a way that’s kind to the world around us. So when many of our customers asked us to look into a more sustainable way to replace the products in our Essentials collection, removing the need to recycle so much packaging, we listened. And then we acted.

This week, we’re delighted to announce that our Natural Deodorant is the first product in our collection to be available in 500ml refill-size bottles. Made from an industry-standard glass bottle, and supplied with a silicon funnel to allow for easy refilling, these larger-than-usual receptacles overcome the troublesome need to recycle quite so much of our packaging, and reduce the carbon footprint created by shipping them. Each one comes with an empty 100ml bottle, a pump, and a funnel, to make the top-up process easy. 

Refill-size bottles contain an entire year’s supply of our award-winning anti-perspirant, at a saving of 24%. And when it finally does run out, you might reuse the vessel to showcase a fistful of wild blooms picked from your garden, to grow your favourite house plant cuttings, or to upgrade the containers you use to collect rice and lentils from your local refill store. As you like. 

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