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Dr Simon's process

Posted by Simon Jackson on
Dr Simon's process in the laboratory

I first started thinking about making skin creams using the health benefits of African ingredients right back in 1993. But it took over 20+ years to launch my first product and the rest as they say is history.

I now have over 30+ years experience in the natural products Industry and have formulated many products.

Dr Simon's laboratory process

For me the most important thing was it needed to be truly natural. 

I was fed up with seeing other ‘natural’ brands launching products which weren’t natural at all. They are what we call ‘naturally inspired’ and made claim after claim, but with no real scientific knowledge being used. It is critical that every one of our formulations contain active ingredients which are truly efficacious and replicable in every bottle.  

Dr Simon in the laboratory




‘Angel dusting’ is a term commonly used in the industry where 20 to 30 ingredients are used in a product to give it a therapeutic effect, when in reality you should never use more than 5 or 6 key ingredients in one formulation. Less is definitely more and this is a key principle behind the way we formulate. My starting point and our company ethos is to only create products that consider what customers genuinely need. I’m not interested in just churning out a range because it is marketable and commercially attractive. The process of development is far more exciting and inspiring when it is something that I myself would want to use.

Dr Simon creating formulations

Our focus has always been on skin health. I wanted to make chemical-free products that could be used by people with the most sensitive of skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis, pregnant mums and customers with a lower immune system. We love receiving all feedback, but it’s especially rewarding when we hear from patients undergoing chemotherapy who have said our Oil it’s the only thing that they can use on their dry and thin skin.


I try and make all of our products 'Cosmos Natural' as a minimum and I always made sure that we only made our products in GMP facilities, (Good Manufacturing Practice). We also make sure that all outsourced companies are ISO quality certified. It was very important for me to make sure that all our products were cruelty-free certified with absolutely no animal testing and were both vegetarian and vegan certified. It’s amazing how many companies make these claims, but don’t have the certification to back it up. We only use Botanical extracts in our products.

Thorough research, before we even get into the lab

Dr Simon's process - in the lab

One key thing that we do every time we develop any products is to thoroughly research any proposed ingredients. It’s all well and good introducing new species to people, but if that species is on the CITES list of endangered species then we will not take it to market. For every ingredient we use, we have a whole process where we check the marketability of that species, whether research has been undertaken before, whether it is a commonly known ingredient, or whether it needs more research undertaken to be able to use it. Something that has been used traditionally in Africa may be seen as an exotic or novel foodstuff in Europe. So all of these considerations need to be taken into account. I guess people don’t see the amount of work that needs to be undertaken even before we set foot into the laboratory.

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