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Happy Days!

Posted by John Murray on
Modern Botany multi-tasking oil bottle and box

Our award-winning Modern Botany Multi-tasking oil is back.

After unprecedented sales during Covid-19 pandemic, various restrictions made it difficult to get our oil produced within our normal schedules. Severe delays, due to travel restrictions and quarantined workers meant there were issues with sourcing ingredients and getting them to our production facility on time. 

Thankfully, that is a matter we have now resolved and envisage no problems going forward.  

The other good news is Modern Botany Oil is now COSMOS Natural certified and Pregnancy Safe approved. 

This adds to its other accolades such as being fully Vegan and Vegetarian certified and Cruelty Free International.

 We are so proud of our hero staple and it’s always satisfying to hear the many testimonies our very kind Modern Botanists who report back to us, regarding the healing and therapeutic effects our Modern Botany Oil is having on your skin. This makes us very grateful indeed, keep sending your testimonials.

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