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Signature Aroma No. 2 - Forest Bathing (Diffuser Use Only)

Posted by John Murray on
Modern Botany - Signature Aroma No. 2 - Forest Bathing

Following the popularity of our Modern Botany Essential Oil No. 1 Aroma, we have launched a new creation, suitably named Modern Botany Forest Bathing Aroma No 2.

Mindfully formulated by Dr. Simon in response to the times we find ourselves in, Forest Bathing delivers a sense of calm and the feeling of being at one with nature - a feeling that so many are missing these days.

A blend of 7 essential oils will sooth and calm the mind, allowing space to reconnect with the natural world when it may not always be possible to do so. Forest Bathing Aroma No 2. has top notes of Hinoki oil, Pine Needle and Silver Fir, with woody notes of Atlantic Cedarwood and Sweet Sandalwood and healing extracts of Mugwort and Cardamom. 

How to use:  For diffuser use only. Use 3-5 drops of our signature aroma blend with 100ml of water in our Modern Botany diffuser.

Relax and enjoy a new level of calm; 

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