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Posted by Tracey Woodward on
Scent is a powerful thing. Discover our collection of organic, sculptural scent diffusers, created in collaboration with Bloomy Lotus, and designed to quietly transform your home.

Scent is a powerful thing. Whether you’re looking for a way to book-end your day while working from home, or you’re doing what you can to minimise the impact of indoor air pollution, it can have a profound impact on your mental and physical wellbeing. 

So Modern Botany is delighted to partner with Bloomy Lotus, creator of world-class diffusers and nebulisers, to bring our carefully crafted blends of essential oils and natural ingredients into your home through two contemporary designs. 

Pairing Bloomy Lotus’ technological expertise, innovative design and high-quality manufacturing processes with Modern Botany’s in-depth understanding of natural ingredients and essential oils, we’ve created a Ceramic Diffuser and a waterless Nebuliser to quietly transform your home environment.


Modern Botany’s fresh, relaxing oil blends are carefully crafted with essential oils and natural plant extracts, and designed to counteract the stresses of everyday life. They’ll create a calm, botanical ambience, while the anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties of the natural ingredients cleanse the air, leaving your home or office smelling fresh and clean.

Working from home? Use our Signature Aroma Blend, a fresh, relaxing oil blend made with eleven essential oils and natural plant extracts, to mark the beginning of your day. It has top notes of Lemon Tea Tree, a spicy Frankincense and a sweet, woody blend of Sandalwood, plus Lavender to relax and Eucalyptus to clear the air.

When you log off for the evening, switch to Forest Bathing, and reconnect with the world beyond your walls. This woody, yet calming blend has top notes of Hinoki oil, Pine Needle and Silver Fir, with woody notes of Atlantic Cedarwood and Sweet Sandalwood, and healing extracts of Mugwort and Cardamom – a blend of seven essential oils designed to soothe the spirit and calm the mind.

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