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Modern Botany Loves - STABLE of Ireland

Posted by John Murray on
Modern Botany loves Stable of Ireland

Meet the wonderful founders of Stable Ireland Francie Duff and Sonia Reynolds who source high quality Irish homegrown natural fibres like wool and linen and design unique and elegant clothing and lifestyle wear showcasing the best of Irish traditional craft in the textile space. They are champions of promoting and keeping alive the long-loved and cherished skills of knitting and weaving in their innovative contemporary design pieces.

Their linen textiles design in particular are exquisite and as a plant-based material it’s fully sustainable and biodegradable, so its kind to your skin and the planet. That brings music to Modern Botany's ears.

Modern Botany are proud to be partners with Stable Ireland celebrating the best of the natural world. Check out their beautiful store in Dublin and online!

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