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Nebuliser in Bamboo Bronze and Aroma 5ml Duo
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An advanced waterless diffuser with built-in nebuliser, including our signature 5ml aroma blend.

Our Modern Botany nebulising diffuser is one for the purists.

Small, yet mighty, this innovative, waterless diffuser made from bamboo fibres emits a burst of pure, undiluted mist to bring an instant sense of calm to any room.

Inspired by the beauty of nature and for our new-found modern way of living, this sustainable and compact diffuser does not require heat or water to diffuse fragrance into the air, making it energy efficient.

The innovative technology of this nebuliser works by a high-pressure jet of air that causes the particles of essential oil to effectively disperse into the room space through a light but powerful vapor, that causes the scent to travel through the air quicker than conventional diffusers and you do not need to operate them for as long.

Being waterless, the Modern Botany Nebuliser creates the full therapeutic benefit of undiluted essential oils in their purest form by maximising the potency and fragrance of the plant essence.


The Nebuliser is powered by a TYPE-C USB which work also on a power bank or you can plug into any phone charger adapter. Since the nebuliser is self-contained and waterless, there are no leaks and no mess to clean up.

So, whether you are using essential oils for purifying the air; uplifting your mood, or relaxing, our Modern Botany Nebuliser will support you to create the perfect ambiance of well-being in any space for your modern living.