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Ingredient of the Month - Witch Hazel

An UNSUNG hero – an age-old remedy, Witch Hazel is a natural astringent used to tighten the skin pores AND reduce perspiration, so the perfect ingredient to integrate into both your skincare and personal care.

 Here at Modern Botany, Dr. Simon Jackson shows us the best 5 ways you can use witch hazel:

 1.     Tone the Skin – the ultimate ingredient to tone the skin for anyone with normal to oily skin types, it’s antiseptic properties help to eradicate bacteria – just dab a few drops on a cotton pad or look for a product that contains it!

2.     Tighten pores – If your t-zone looks more like a pumice stone than skin, reach for that witch hazel to help tighten up those pores and give you that perfect finish you are searching for…

3.     Calm redness (the natural way!) – banishing that irritation with witch hazel, which is a vasoconstrictor meaning it will help tightens up blood vessels to reduce redness.

4.     Prevent razor bumps – After shaving, wipe with witch hazel to keep skin calm and bump-free

5.     Soothes bug bites – it’s anti-inflammatory and astringent properties make it a great anti-itch for any bug bites!